Ronika will purchase your gold and jewellery according the price date and will make trades if you wish. The price of your gold will be determined after inspection it is important to remember that the gold and jewelry made with machinery is less expensive but this does not make your product less price and quality worthy

If you are attempting to sell keep note that

  1. – The wages of the gold are an agreement between the seller and the buyer
  2. – Profit percentage of the buyers are 12% which consists of 5% taxes and 7% profit.
  3. – The method of price calculations for your gold and jewellery is as follows
    1. – The total price is equal to the total price of each gram and the rent of each gram multiplied by the total weight, and this number is calculated in addition to the sales profit, which is usually 5 to 10 percent of the market custom, but 7% is usually considered for sales profit.
    2. (Total price = Percentage of tax + Percentage of sales profit + Total weight ,Salary per gram + Price per gram)
    3. Another important point Gold invoice, value and invoice, buyer information, name and contact number.

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