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Discover the exceptional luxury collection tailored to your preferences. Choose your favorite models, materials, bezels, dials, and bracelets to find the perfect timepiece crafted exclusively for you.

Our Services

Our company can offer to buy your bags, belts, and shoes at the best price and trade your merchandise as you wish.
Our company offers to trade in your jewellery and gold, we can buy these items by your request.
If you wish to trade or sell your brand watches you can contact us regarding this service.

Our Process

Ronika will purchase your merchandise or trade them as you wish.

If you are attempting to make a sale please not the following

  1. Making sure that the merchandise is of the original brand ( beneficial to have the purchase code and license)
  2. The condition of the merchandise ( attention to the zippers, stitches, smell and the packaging)
  3. Your merchandise must be purchased form a trustworthy branch.

Ronika will take you merchandise for 24-48 hours for inspection and will keep it safe. This inspection is to make sure that the merchandise is original and a price will be determined for sale or trade.

Ronika will purchase your gold and jewellery according the price date and will make trades if you wish. The price of your gold will be determined after inspection it is important to remember that the gold and jewelry made with machinery is less expensive but this does not make your product less price and quality worthy

If you are attempting to sell keep note that

  1. – The wages of the gold are an agreement between the seller and the buyer
  2. – Profit percentage of the buyers are 12% which consists of 5% taxes and 7% profit.
  3. – The method of price calculations for your gold and jewellery is as follows
    1. – The total price is equal to the total price of each gram and the rent of each gram multiplied by the total weight, and this number is calculated in addition to the sales profit, which is usually 5 to 10 percent of the market custom, but 7% is usually considered for sales profit.
    2. (Total price = Percentage of tax + Percentage of sales profit + Total weight ,Salary per gram + Price per gram)
    3. Another important point Gold invoice, value and invoice, buyer information, name and contact number.

Ronika: Buyer of your brand watches and if you want to exchange, our consultants are with you.

It should be noted that you, dear sellers, for the sale or exchange of your brand watch, if you go to Ronika, you should consider the following.

  1. – Sellers of brand watches should note that the original box is one of the things that you should bring with you.
  2. – Identity card or watch card another thing that is needed.
  3. – Another thing you need to know is that the receipt of the watch, which is listed with the name of the buyer must be recorded in the receipt. The receipt must be original as well.
  4. – o ensure you are trusted, Ronika will take 24 to 48 hours as a loan to find out the authenticity of the watch and finish the  evaluation by the consultants.

Ronika is the buyer of your old and antique goods

Antique goods include (Crystal, Lalique, Statue, Painting, Lead Castle, Bronze, Bull …..)

We need to know that when we talk about old and antique goods, items that are over 100 years old are called antiques.

  1. – Preferably, we can visit your antiques at home by consultants, and due to their age, we cannot request an invoice or a receipt from the seller. That’s why we need some information from the seller themselves such as the year of purchase

– After that, the experts will examine and evaluate the collection and after pricing, with the agreement of the parties, they will buy your antiques, or we can exchange it with the goods available in Ronika